Geraldine Lane
“My family brought me to Clinton Crest on the advice of Dr. Dewitt. I had lots of physical problems. The staff treated me as a guest. Day by day I was meshed into the routine of the schedule. I have been here twenty-two months and it’s just like a big family. I come and go as I please (I just let them know where I’m at). My laundry, cleaning, and cooking is all supplied. Birthdays and company are recognized. Entertainment is abundant. Your room is furnished to your liking and if you are not happy here it’s your own fault.”


Amy Rozelle
“Clinton Crest Manor has been my home away from home for over two years. I feel safe and content here. I highly recommend it to anyone who cannot stay at home alone. The staff is excellent. They are patient, kind, and helpful. The food is excellent. So be sensible and smart. Make the right choice and come to Clinton Crest Manor.”


Deena Conley
“Since 1995 I have been fortunate to be a part of an amazing team at Clinton Crest Manor. The staff, board, residents, families and volunteers have formed a partnership that creates a warm, loving home to so many. This is a very rewarding experience. “


Stephen Dolak
“I highly recommend Clinton Crest Manor Adult Home. My father, Steve Dolak has been a resident for almost a year. The staff is caring, efficient and the communication between the staff and myself is excellent. More importantly, my Dad is happy and has expressed to me; “this place has everything I need and the food is delicious”. Thanks to the staff at Clinton Crest for helping myself and my dad with the transition. “


Tammy Gee
“It’s a joy to come to work every day!”


Jennifer Orr
“As a member of the staff for seventeen years I have literally grown up at Clinton Crest. It is like having a second family.”


Andy Swarthout
“My mother moved to Clinton Crest in early March of this year. Since she has been there, she has been extremely impressed with all of the staff by being so considerate and friendly to her. She always comments on the wonderful meals prepared by the “Chef”. The staff is well organized by managing and bringing her medications every day. She looks forward to the exercise classes and other activities provided at Clinton Crest. I am impressed that the staff knows me on a first name basis as well as all of them being so friendly. “


Jeanne DeWick
“Clinton Crest is perfect for my mom, Esther Rector. It gives her independence while providing her with daily activities, exercise classes, and 3 square meals a day. It gives us peace of mind knowing she is safe, her medications are dispensed properly, and the staff provides a friendly environment for her.


Kim Snyder
“As Head Cook I love to make special meals for the residents. Seeing them enjoy something I made makes me happy!”


Donna Alexander
“Making a decision to have Mother reside at Clinton Crest was difficult for her family but the best choice for all. Her daily living skills and medication administration were slipping away rapidly. The move to Clinton Crest has relieved her family of so many concerns knowing she is well cared for and considers it her home. I have great respect for all the staff and they listen so patiently to many past events in the residents’ lives and show each one great respect as individuals. They truly are caring people and I recommend Clinton Crest most highly to meet the special housing and care needs for qualifying seniors.”
The Family of Former Resident Claude Lane
“Clinton Crest Manor was a wonderful home to our father for almost five years, until he passed on just a month before his 100th birthday. After living alone five years as a widower following 67 years of marriage, the loving care and attention given Dad by the entire staff of Clinton Crest was most welcome, and was certainly heartwarming for his four sons. He was an excellent and very competitive Scrabble player, and enjoyed playing the game with other residents as well as with his sons. Dad attended many of the special events offered, and especially enjoyed the regular meals, always commenting to us that ‘I haven’t had a bad meal yet!’ We are very thankful that he was able to enjoy the last several years of his long life residing at Clinton Crest Manor”


Patty and Bill McGough
“We appreciate your love and care for my Mom over the past few years. The staff at Clinton Crest has been wonderful to her going above and beyond the call to make her feel at home. She has often told us the kind and considerate things the staff has done to take care of her both emotionally and physically. Mom has always been very strong and independent but when the time came for her to receive more assistance, she was not completely convinced that she needed it yet the staff was able to assist her almost without her realizing it. It is quite amazing that the staff has changed so little in four years, really a testimony about Clinton Crest as a work place and commitment of the staff. Mom says ‘They’re good to me here’ and ‘I need to be in a place where they take care of me’. This independent woman knew she needed help and it was delivered with great care.”


Heidi Wilber
“I really enjoy watching the friendships develop as new residents are admitted. Because we are a small home there is a genuine closeness between staff and residents.”


Rance Miller
“Clinton Crest Manor is a warm, quiet place to heal; secure and comfortable; an easy place to live.”


Anita McGee
“”Dear Deena, Thank you for guiding us thru ‘troubled waters’! For 1 yr, 4 m your letters kept us informed of the ever-changing details! and creativity and flexibility- and for always caring, Fantastic!””